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My trip to England- Bradfield

My trip to London was perfect, I made a lot of new friends and I enjoyed the trip very much. We met people from Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Germany and Austria. They were really friendly. The food was good, some days we ate pizza, pasta, Mexican food and so on; the service was excellent. We could have learned more English but we learned anyway. The environment was perfect and the weather was not too cold. The college was similar to a university, it was comfortable and beautiful. The school instructors prepared games in the evening. One afternoon, we visited Windsor. The day before we returned back home, we spent the day in London. We did a walking tour, we visited the Madame Tussauds museum and did some shopping. London was awesome.The last day was sad because we didn’t want to say goodbye. We were crying. I will always remember this trip and I hope to visit Bradfield again. Sandra Sanchís Rovira 2ºESO The trip to Bradfield was cool. I met a lot of people from Mexico,Thailand and Germany. The place was great and the food was fantastic. First day: we arrived at our  host families and they showed us our rooms.


English cultural trip

6th of primary and London keeping up with tradition! 6th of primary and London, keeping up with tradition! On Monday the 13th of May, students in 6th of primary finally got on a plane and flew to the UK! This year the trip was going to be different. Huw, our leader, was waiting for us at Gatwick airport. We got on a coach heading towards St Albans, a small town near London, where we stayed. The residence was an old Victorian building with big gardens around it. The first evening Huw prepared a campfire in the back garden and we roasted marshmallows! On the second day we visited Cambridge. We went punting, which is a type of gondola that takes you along the river Cam. The views were spectacular. We saw lots of famous Universities like King’s College. We al lloved it. The third and forth day we got on a train to London, at last!  Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Tower Bridge and Piccadilly Circus were some of the famous touristic places that we saw.    And to finish off, M&Ms, the Lego Store and Hamleys. We bought the famous teddy bear


Houses or flats?

Are you moving? We can help you It is a widely known fact that cities have been growing non-stop since they first started developing back in the industrial revolution. Most people prefer the traditional way of housing, but are flats that bad? First and foremost, flats aren’t necessarily smaller than houses and those who are,are also offered in cheaper prices. This helps students who might not own private transport due to the distance between buildings in cities, much closer than in towns and villages, which are house-based. Another fact which makes flats the best option may be how people who live in them don’t need to commute using any transport, except bikes, because of the short distances between places. This greatly helps the environment and might be game-changing in a near future. It can be drawn the conclusion that flats are the best option for anyone who’s currently looking for a good place to live in. They’re more affordable and environmentally friendly, which makes them the best option overall. Flats are the present and future of housing in our society and will be increasing in number and size, leaving houses aside for a long time. Miguel Juan