My trip to England- Bradfield

My trip to London was perfect, I made a lot of new friends and I enjoyed the trip very much. We met people from Thailand, Mexico, Taiwan, Germany and Austria. They were really friendly. The food was good, some days we ate pizza, pasta, Mexican food and so on; the service was excellent. We could have learned more English but we learned anyway. The environment was perfect and the weather was not too cold. The college was similar to a university, it was comfortable and beautiful. The school instructors prepared games in the evening. One afternoon, we visited Windsor. The day before we returned back home, we spent the day in London. We did a walking tour, we visited the Madame Tussauds museum and did some shopping. London was awesome.The last day was sad because we didn’t want to say goodbye. We were crying. I will always remember this trip and I hope to visit Bradfield again.

Sandra Sanchís Rovira 2ºESO

The trip to Bradfield was cool. I met a lot of people from Mexico,Thailand and Germany. The place was great and the food was fantastic.

First day: we arrived at our  host families and they showed us our rooms. At six o’clock we had dinner. Later, we played games.

Second day: we woke up at half past seven. Later, we had two classes of English. In the evening, we played basketball and we went to a disco. Here, we met a lot of people.

Third day: we had two classes of English, the same as on Tuesday. Later, we ate lunch. In the evening, we swam in the swimming pool and then we went to a fashion show. On Thursday, we had two classes of English. At lunch time, we went to Windsor. We arrived at Bradfield in the afternoon. The next day, we had English classes again.Then, we swam in the swimming pool. In the afternoon, we had a karaoke party. On Saturday, we went to London, We visited Madame Tussauds. On Sunday, we said goodbye to everybody and we flew back home

Blanca Baltanás Mezquita 2ºESO

First of all,  I wasn’t excited about going to Bradfield, but then I made a lot of international friends and I enjoyed my trip a lot. The school was so big and the teachers were so friendly!. We did different activities everyday like photography, football, basketball, swimming… Also, we went to Windsor and we saw a famous castle there, and to London, too. I enjoyed this trip very much and I hope to come back to Bradfield in the future.

Ana Serra Rovira 2ºESO